Fundraising for a Fiat

We are collecting money for a locomotive!

PytajnikWould you like to show your children how their parents and grandparents travelled around Poland when cars were scarce?

Pytajnik Would you like to see our historical rolling stock at rail events in order to present our cultural heritage and promote public transportation?

Pytajnik Would you like to take a ride in a special train that brings back the memories of the time when you travelled with your family on holiday?

Wykrzyknik Or perhaps are you a trainspotter chasing along unelectrified rail tracks and shooting the locomotives passing by?

Our goal: preservation of a diesel locomotive of the PKP class SU45.

Please support us!


Why Fiat?

SU45/SP45s are Polish diesel locomotives built in 1970s for PKP (Polish State Railways) for passenger traffic. They are called „Fiat” because of the engine licenced by Fiat.

Those locomotives served on all main routes. However, along with growing popularity of EMUs and DMUs the polish rail companies (Przewozy Regionalne and PKP Intercity) were withdrawing locomotives of this type. Most of them were scrapped by 2012. Nowadays, there are only three in the operating state: SU45-079 and SU45-089 in passenger traffic and another one in fright traffic. There are still few of them set aside, not used for several years, often corroded and incomplete.

Our goal is to acquire the a loco of the SU45 series. This is very important for us. There is no single vehicle of this class preserved in the operational state. Plus, it would fit nicely to the passenger cars from the same era (late 70s & 80s), that we already have.

Who are we?

logo1a„Klub Sympatyków Kolei” literally means „Railway Fans Club”. We’re a non-governmental, non-profit association of railway fans, located in Wrocław, Poland, founded in 1991. Since then we have been able to save more than 60 vehicles. The oldest one was built in 1902. We have restored more than 20 to the operational state. All of them using our own hands, spending our free time, sometimes learning by doing. We cannot afford to send our rolling stock to a specialized company for repairs.

Apart from preservation & restoration efforts we participate in different rail events in order to promote railways, public transportation and protection of tangible as well as intangible cultural heritage.

We cooperate with other organizations that share similar goals and attitude. No matter whether they are state-owned or non-gorvernmental, commercial or non-profit ones. We restore rail cars for them, we exchange expertise, we contribute to their preservation efforts.

This year we are celebrating 25th anniversary of our association!

How can you help us?

We wanted to buy SU45-115 offered in an auction and already sold by Przewozy Regionalne. By the time of the auction 32 people donated, we collected a bit less than 1000 euro. That sum and our own „investment money” was insuficient to win. But we don’t give up. We are continuing to fundraise money in order to be ready for the possible next auction. There are still several diesels of the SU45 class, inactive and forgotten, sentenced to be scrapped, waiting for a rescue.

We are asking for your donation. Any sum, even the smallest one, is welcome.

  • Our bank account:PL 46 1440 1156 0000 0000 0317 4287
  • Suggested bank transfer title: Donation for a Fiat

Please verify the numbers with the account given here:

You can also make a donation via PayPal.

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In case we ultimately fail with the last existing SU45, we’ll spend the raised money on another diesel: SP42-001, which is already a part of our collection.